Monday, September 24, 2012

Musing Mondays - Sept. 24, 2012 Edition

This week’s musing –courtesy of– asks…
Do you have any hobbies outside of reading?
Or do you collect anything?
I do!  I like to play video games, make jewelry and act like I can sew (yes, act...i can't complete a sewing project to save my life).  

I used to collect things - Magic: The Gathering cards, sports cards, etc.  Now I'm into collecting the various buttons you can get at PAX and other conventions.  Those are kinda cool.

What about you?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who doesn't like free books?

Just saw a bunch of posts coming across for free books, so I thought I might as well share them

As posted to the Frugal Girls website (links take you to their website):

Fictionwise has a huge list of free ebooks, some by independent authors.  Check it out here:

If you're looking for Sci-Fi/Fantasy books, you can find a bunch here (scroll past the .99 cent books)

Amazon also has a neat reference site where you can download a lot of the classics as well:

Happy reading!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Ugly Side of Gaming - When A Troll Goes Too Far

Every so often certain individuals chose to cross a certain line with me that they should never cross.  This past week a certain individual crossed that line.  Unlike him, I refuse to name him by name.  Everyone that is reading this knows who I am talking about.  Why give more undeserved publicity and fame to someone who doesn’t deserve it since he’s been being an uber troll?

I know all about the videos he posted, including the video he posted about me personally, which was inaccurate, defamatory and libelous.  In addition to this he issued threats and demands  via emails and text messages as late as 2 a.m September 9.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t give a damn what he has to say about me – his opinion is just that – opinion.   The fact he took enough time out of his life to make a video trying to bash me on subjects he has limited to no facts about says just how important what I do, or he thinks I say or do, really is in his world.

That being said, I’ve kept quiet for too long and honestly, I’m tired of dealing with his public bashing as well as private bashing via email and in phone conversations where I am constantly told I don’t know what I’m talking about or what I’m doing.

Out of professional respect for the other person involved, I am not including clips of the conversation we had where he speaks – I will only include my clips (even though the conversation has been posted publicly by a third party). The person who has the conversation has it illegally, taken against the will or consent of myself or the other party involved and has posted it publicly.  Let the legal repercussions fall on him for revealing private conversations to the public.  Private conversations are just that – private.   It is illegal to share private conversations without the consent of both parties involved.  Which is why I will only share what I wrote in emails, not what he wrote verbatim.

The only reason I am writing this in defense of myself is because so many people have asked questions.  Instead of answering each person over and over again, this will do and it is in writing which will not be altered.  In addition, the gentleman in question crossed a line he should not have – he contacted my employer in an attempt to get me fired, per his own facebook page “Your professional career ends tomorrow.”  After speaking with two lawyers and several state agencies, I have been informed that I have the right to post what he sent to my employer and defend myself as well as defend myself with what he said against me in his video.
First, I want to talk about the private conversation he posted.  As mentioned, the conversation was with a former staffer of whom I still maintain a professional relationship with.  I have respect for this individual, even if we disagree on a number of factors, and despite what the third party says, I have not been informed of anything going on that says I cannot converse with the person in the private conversation.  This person has had a number of interactions with the third party, similar to what we are dealing with now.

That being said, yes the conversation happened, but the third party twisted it to read what he wanted it to read, not what was really said.

Since he posted the conversation and even mentions it directly in his email to my boss, I include clips of his email, verbatim (minus names removed for their protection and for my professionalism) below, in quotes with my comments between:

THE REAL GRACE CONTINUES TO BE EXPOSED Back sometime in between the months of June and August Grace Snoke of Twingalaxies and Ryan Sullivan who I almost lost my account for perm reasons of his jealousy and fraudulent cries of help to Walter day about me THREATENING his life, decided to do an on spite operation to INTENTIONALLY take down one of my scores and make a deal under the table to to throw it into the data base and not announce it in any archives or last verified
Somewhat true, somewhat not.  Mr. Sullivan contacted me, asking us that once his score was verified to not announce it (as it is, we do not announce every score that is broken either way, we don't have time, nor space to do so and it would flood our Facebook wall if we did) and to make it fall off the Last 50 verified as quickly as possible because he did not want to have to deal with the repercussions of "that individual" on the score.  Having seen the very public out burst that went on for a few months regarding the speed run score being broken, he could only imagine what would happen if the points run was beaten, the hassles the ref would have to go through, the hassles the rest of TGI would have to go through if it came to  "that individual's"  attention.  He wanted some time and space between the record being verified and the time  "that individual"  found out about it to perhaps help buffer the temper tantrum that was bound to follow.  At the time when Mr. Sullivan submitted his records to the ref, he had submitted around 45 different scores for the ref to verify.  As we were in the crunch of compiling scores to get them to Guinness, his score would have been pushed off the Last 50 either way, it just happened quicker because the score in question was the first on the video of the 45.  The ref who verified it also batch uploads his verifications and as the player requested protection (and according to the police officer, since we were requested to protect a player who has potentially received threats from "that individual" it would be prudent and necessary that we protect him) he put the score in question as the first to be batch processed.

Any player that would have asked to be protected because they are beating a score of an individual that is known to have issues anytime his score is defeated would have been honored with the request.

A deal was not made under the table.  Nor was it just thrown in the database.  On the front page of Twin Galaxies there is an area that shows New Scores - it would have easily been seen in there if someone was to watch it long enough as it goes by date, not by last of any number.  The score has been visible and live in the database since July 25 and would have been easily seen had "that individual" looked at his scores or looked at the game itself.

Despite what he claims, we are not required to notify a player when their score is beat, nor are we required to give them time to beat the score to make sure he regains the title before it was published.  In addition, we simply do not have time to contact every single gamer every time a score is beat.  We have enough issues with getting verifications done in a timely basis, can you imagine how much time it would take to contact every person who has a score beat?
and SENT it directly to Guinness to be in the 2013 book with NOW no chance for me to regain the title before published,
It was verified along with a bunch of other scores that were added to the initial list of Guinness submissions which were due to them by a certain date.  Subsequently, we had a secondary deadline, between which the first deadline and the second deadline, you submitted games for which we verified and added into the list on the secondary deadline since they were not received before the first deadline.  To claim you had no chance to regain the title before the book is published is false. You could have easily seen that your score had been beaten and submitted an attempt for verification.  It is no one's fault but your own that you did not notice your score was beaten and attempt to regain it.
this is a dirt operation for several reasons, ONE a manager is to remain unbiased, second it's bad business and bad faith to personally attack a gamer for the sole purpose of beating their score,
First, I am not a manager. I am a Director of Events and Community Management who handles a lot of the day-to-day operations of the company for which I am doing work for.  I have not personally attacked you in any way, shape or form publicly.  I had a private conversation with an individual over your actions that were causing me a headache and would cause me headaches in the future.  The conversations I have in private with other individuals are just that.  Private conversations.  You have admitted that a "hacker" sent you the conversations and that you have used them publicly without the consent of the parties involved.

Secondly, if a player tells me they're going after someone's scores, I can encourage them to go for it and wish them well.  Just like I can encourage you to go forward and break the score that beat yours in July and wish you good luck.  In fact, as I recall, I encouraged you, strongly, to practice and beat the time score because you had exhausted all the rules regarding the rules challenge and after five or six verifications the score was considered legitimate - but you refused to do so.

Thirdly, I have been as unbiased as possible when it comes to dealing with the emails and messages regarding how we're doing things wrong.   Everyone does have a breaking point.
and last talking to [Redacted] Who is in so called FBI investigation and legal troubles with TGI and Ryan Sullivan about it bragging about it to throw it in my face,
Not sure where he gets his information from, other than private phone conversations, but once again, crossing a line, revealing information he should not have or making it up is not kosher nor is it cool.  Nor did I brag about throwing it in anyone's face.  My comment was "that individual' would be screaming to high hell that we're corrupt because someone broke his score and that we have no plans to do any interviews with him.

Now, let me explain.  He demanded of a referee for stories to be done on the world records he just broke.  The referee in question told him multiple times that is not his department, he doesn't' do writing on that.

Likewise, he came to myself and Pete about it, demanding an article be done as well as a podcast interview, regarding his records set and to promote him.  I explained that we are not in the job of promoting players, that in order to be fair and unbiased, we would not promote individual gamers.  We may do stories on articles that are unique and outstanding, but not on every world record, and not on every gamer.

To which I was told (paraphrased) "You're doing it wrong, you should be promoting every gamer and every world record they set."
after the KOK fraud, my CORRUPTION history with [Redacted] and likely [Redacted] and [Redacted] Scores, with tampering with my scores and the data base and trying to keep me wrongfully banned, you think after ALL the legal I went through and exposing the TRUTH trouble I went through in which I was very capable of bringing down the entire corporation single handed, you think THE new manager would know better not to FUCK with my powers and abilities, however since day one she was trouble and I knew it, I have seen private conversations between Grace and many to date FWD to me from ???? thank GOD and it started with her thinking she knew my history and everything that Pete wanted to do for me,
Please note, the individuals he named above had their names redacted out of professional respect.  I will not have them slandered in my blog, plain and simple.  Several of the individuals he named, however, were instrumental in his return to being able to participate on Twin Galaxies and the Scoreboard itself despite the protest of many players and staff members - at least this is what I have been told as I was not staff until 9/1/11.

Secondly, he revealed nothing with all the legal he went through to expose the truth.  Nothing came out of it years ago.  He was brought back for a second chance, which he has burned the bridges to now.

Third, I have not "fucked" with "that individuals" powers or abilities - whatever the hell they are.  He disliked me from the get go because I would not tolerate him saying that TGI's founder was "a corrupt individual".  I was then, of course told, that it was all fact, not opinion and he got quite upset with me when I explained to him that everything was opinion including the definition of opinion.

Regretfully, I was made his handler within TGI in November and have had non-stop drama since then, this past week being the culmination of it.  He "thought" I knew his history.  Thing is, I do know his history and his history shows that he repeats himself.  Plain and simple.
, she would not only insult me and down play me in emails
I never insulted "that individual" in emails.  I will admit that I talked down to him when he seemed like he did not understand the rules as I was quoting them to him.
but talk to others behind my back and say Rudy will never be referee,
Nope.  A lie.  "That individual" asked me about being a ref. I told him, via email, to his face, that he was not ever considered for a ref as far as I knew nor would he be considered for a ref in the future because of his past behaviors.  I was told (paraphrased) that all the things he did were in the past and we should move on to the present and future.  Wow.  Imagine that.  See the present and future?  Current videos that have been removed, defamation, threats....hmmm...I think I recall mentioning above about learning from the past.
he wont be on a card I do not want him he is trouble,
Never said that either.  In fact, he asked to be on a 2012 card and I said no, that's for new players.  What I didnt' know is Walter has a set of "New Scores in 2012" that "that individual" may be on.  But to be on a 2012 Superstars card was not in the works for the exact reason mentioned.  He was already on the 2011 Superstars card.
she got involved dictating my future
I have never dictated anyone's future at TGI.  I have made suggestions which are sometimes listened to, often times not or often times altered.
Pete promised me a score challenge to go in my favor if the person who beat me did not come along, and Grace got involved with no qualifications and made her own mind up that I lose, they NEVER found him or her to fight my challenge, they never gave an explanation why it was overturned and IT took over two years to get it done, so Grace changed the score challenge RULES to go against me personally,
Now, this statement right here is defamation.  I got involved because I was ordered to get involved and get a resolution to the situation.  A number of rules were repeatedly reviewed and you chose to ignore them and wanted the score reverified again and again on the basis of what you believed was a  year rule.

However, I have been told I can screenshot exactly what was said to "that individual" and share it as factual proof that he was not only given a reason as to why the challenge was overturned as well as to prove that I never changed the score challenge rules to go against him personally.

This first email was where I explained rules he quoted to me on April 17 after he was told his challenge was deemed invalid.

This email listed below is the second in a series of emails he received on 5/23/12.  This is in addition to him being told the ruling was deemed invalid but would be reviewed by the board of directors one last time. (Image may not appear full size, you may need to click on it to view):

Now, as additional proof, I provide a Wayback machine link which shows the same information..  Unfortunately, Wayback Machine doesn't go as far back as I would like, but it does go back to before I was a member of TGI staff:

As well as the TGI forum link where this challenge information came from:

And my official statement (legally binding even) on the matter:  At no time did I alter any of the rules mentioned regarding scores challenges at any time as of 9/15/12.  This means I have not altered any of the messages that were posted in that thread since the time I became able to till now.  Nothing has been changed by me in any way, shape or form.  (just making sure I've made this clear enough).

I read, interpreted and explained them to the individual in question and he eventually begrudgingly agreed that he'd drop it.  But I was also told that this rule was there to hurt him because, and I quote "this PORR decision I want the rules changed because that IDIOT Walter as usual caused this by writng stupid rules".  Just for clarification here, Walter did not write these rules, Robert did and they have been accepted as the challenge rules since 2004.  Eight years.  Get over it.

Moving on to his next part of the email to my employer:
she took me off of posters to put nobody names over my card and left others EVERY event, telling me if I paid or came to event it be different, why should I have to pay for my name and image its f free advertisement
He was removed from one poster, the NW Pinball Poster to put a different individual in his place who was situated at the bottom of the page with three other individuals who were going to be signing in the same area. To space out the people that person's image was enlarged and moved to where "that individuals" image was. A large number of other cards were moved, hidden beneath other cards and others removed to make room for the images of individuals who were supposed to be at that event or might be in attendance.  Ultimately more than 12 people signed said poster.

"That Individual" named a lot of people as nobodies, including current and former staff who verified world records and ran events, etc.

What he was told was that if he was going to be at the event or ordered a poster for himself, we would have made sure his picture was on the poster.  As he was not going to be at the event either way and wasn't going to be on the poster, it was not required for him to be on the poster and individuals who were going to attend or supposed to attend were going to be on there.

Unfortunately, what "that individual" doesn't understand is that the posters are not free advertisement for TGI - we have to pay for the posters to be printed, we have to sell them to make a profit, etc.- there fore it is not free advertisement.  Ultimately, it is free-advertisement for those on the posters - it's paid advertisement for TGI.

"That individual" also told me that he should be on every poster because he's the best gaming star out there (paraphrased) and that his name and picture draws people to it.
she said were not in business to permote gamers but to make money and verify scores
Oh look, twisting words again.  Here's what I said to him verbatim.  I believe that clarifies it to the T.

Now for the more fun and lies.  Yes, lies.  This one is probably the cream of the crop:
she INTENTIONALLY held me back from series a/b/c card sets when ORIG promised by Pete I seen them too I was be in set A or B,
Now, when I read this, I laughed quite hard.  I held him back from series a/b/c card sets?  Really?  Explain to me how the hell I did that when I am not the one who:

  1. designs the cards
  2. made the spelling error on the back of the cards which required a reprint
  3. assemble the card decks
  4. has complete control over the card decks, who's in them, and where
Seeing as I do none of the above and wasn't even able to ship him the cards that he ordered because they were not in my possession, this is an outright lie.  I had no control what so ever over who appears in what decks.  That control belongs to one person and it is not me.  (Name is being with held out of respect, though everyone knows who it is right?)

And now for more lies:
 was promised to be a ref too, and when I confronted Grace on each Item she said your owed no excuse your not a employee and the choices I make are final, she would come with a belittle attitude and etc... so again rules and choices change as they went along
Strange.  He's never confronted me on anything regarding his trading cards, except when were they going to be shipped to him, and he was informed that I had no control over that.

Regarding being a ref, he was told this, once again, screenshot from my emails to him:

I have confirmed this with other individuals higher up in the company.  From what I have been told, he has never been told he would be a ref. Nor did he ever state to me the individual who promised him he would be a ref.  Either way, he claims that I wouldn't give him an excuse, I did.  I answered him on every subject he brought up until I was exhausted with the topic and had to point out if he emailed any more on the specific topic that I had answered repeatedly on it would be considered harassment and ignored.
I was PROMISED by Pete I be a STAR of the upcoming reality show they are working on and of COURSE Brian Cady and Grace and Pete all involved but for them NOT for me and others I was told Im top on the list YET they said they do not make the final Decision, yet they are producers under contract and no info to me at all and promises that change back and forth ONE month six months etc.. ...
My replies on this have not changed.  He has been told the following statement, verbatim (screenshot from an email below):
He was told this in a number of different ways repeatedly and yet I was told that I could tell him and he'd keep his mouth shut.  Yet he blabs about it on YouTube and everywhere else.  If that deal comes to an end, he will ultimately be to blame.

I contacted Grace before I showed her what I knew she responded in UNDER 10 seconds however WHEN she acted like I was crazy I showed the LYING, CROOKED, B the evidence she ignored me and I gave her an opportunity to respond to explain no response to text/call/ or email...... 
I happened to be checking email when his messages came through. I would like to note it was 12:34 p.m. when his first email came through.  I was told because he is threatening things I can share what he emailed me.

This is what the email was.

I replied asking what the hell he was talking about, then went to bed.  Muted my phone because I had a football game to attend the next day and didn't care.  I saw one email come through, read it from my phone, rolled my eyes and felt I was better off not responding as he had a private conversation and a private email supposedly from another individual to Guinness.  Having access to either of those without express consent of the other individual would be considered ill-gotten material and I was going to have no part in it.  I messaged the other individual alerting him to the fact and went to bed.

I came back to a text message from the above person telling me he was going to the media (not even a half hour after he sent the initial email) and a flood of emails.  I had a ton of messages regarding the video, I didn't have time, nor did I care about his lies because I had my son's football game to worry about.

I got done with the game and had a message attacking me for having his video (which I hadn't even watched yet) removed from YouTube.  Amazing powers I have being gone all day and getting a slanderous video removed - couldn't have possibly been removed for content and language could it?  (PS that was likely why it was removed - I had nothing to do with it because I didn't see it till someone sent me a copy they downloaded).

I won't touch the rest of what he posted to my office.  It's just a repeat of the crap he posted on his video.

All of that being said, "that individual" issued one last threat to me before I filed my police report (for the record, LPD police record #82-087454 in case anyone wants to say I'm full of it) being that if we make a public apology and reverse the issue (not sure what issue we're reversing here as there are no issues to reverse) he'd let it all be forgotten.

Okay folks here's my apology.

I'm sorry for everyone who is being subjected to his rants and raves and are being targeted because you support me or you support Twin Galaxies.  I apologize for other sites that are having to deal with him since we will no longer be dealing with him in the future.  I apologize to the refs who are going to have to deal with the backlash from him.  I apologize to the players who are having to remove him from their friends.  I apologize to the various businesses who have had to read his defamatory posts on their walls and remove them repeatedly or ban him.

I don't apologize for anything else.

He told me my actions were cowardly. Tell me this - a coward would have told players who want to protect themselves to go screw themselves, not our job to protect them.  Yet we did, knowing full well we'd eventually suffer a backlash from him.  Doing so, knowing that, doesn't say we're cowards.  That says we have brass balls.

One final statement:   I only posted one email in full (which as it was a threat of sorts I was told it was permissiable to screenshot to show it), and in only one place have I quoted his email, a small section out of  a huge rant about the rules.  Every screenshot here has been a portion of my emails, making certain to edit out his quotes that I replied to or NDA sensitive information that was not supposed to be revealed in the first place.  If he posts any of our email conversations, he does so without my consent at which point I have the right to fully disclose, via screenshots, the accurate versions of every conversation.  I say this because he has threatened to reveal email conversations.  I know full well he can edit those conversations.  I am willing, and able, to defend myself should he try to do so.

In addition, I hope this god knows how many page long discourse will shed a lot of light on the situation at hand and people who are blindly believing him will stop doing so.  It is in our best interests to ignore the individual in question.  He is not worth the time of the collective gaming community nor is his worth the pain and suffering he has caused through out the years.


Where did August go?

August went by really quickly.  School started Aug. 14 for my son, football practice started Aug. 2.  Cross country started at the end of the month.  Between work for my full-time job, driving my son to practices, school shopping, working the weekends to not burn vacation to go to PAX and a few other things, the month sped by faster than a high-speed train on a Monster Energy Drink.

September started off with me getting back from PAX, exhausted, then dealing with some drama in the gaming related field.  Normally, I try to keep gaming off of this blog, however, this time, I'm going to use the blog as my dissertation on the situation at hand.  Why?  Because it's the easiest spot to do so.

So while I haven't had time to write much on books (I do have a few reviews to go), I am going to get a dissertation done on the events that I have to defend myself from an uncouth male today.

I apologize for the distraction this will cause to the blog, but it will, once and for all, cause the issues to cease - at least I hope it will.

So this is my apology - I'm sorry for the next item being posted not being a book - it might be book length when I'm done, but it will be catarthic and everyone who reads will understand.