The Spohn Challenge

The Spohn Challenge:  Write one new short story per week for one year.

  • There are no minimum or maximum word counts. 
  • Each writer may choose the genre of each story. 
  • You are allowed to serialize a novel or story if you wish to. 
  • Each week’s story must be completed by the end of Friday. 
  • Anyone can join at any time. 
  • Every Monday I will put up a blog post linking to each story of the week. 
You can publish your story to your blog or slap a cover on it and sell it or mail it off to an editor. What you do with your content is your business.
This will work on the honor system. If you say you completed a story, then you completed a story. However, if you want it to be linked, it must be on your blog or available for sale.
If you are not able to complete one of the weeks, just skip it and start fresh for the following week. There will be no penalty, no steak dinner, if you don’t complete the story. But keep in mind that you are only cheating yourself if you do not adhere to the spirit of the contest.
The point of doing this is to get in the habit of writing every day, avoid the desire to rewrite multiple times, and get more product available for consumers.

This page will contain links to each short story as I get them done, so that I can provide Steven with a link.  The story will also be published as an article to the front page.

I do welcome feedback and hope to hear your feedback on my stories.


Some of these may appear out of order because I will be trying to organize stories by where I intend them to go in future books.

The Darksong Sisters: Aresia's Transformation