Monday, May 14, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Okay so it has been another month, okay almost a month and a half since my last blog post.  I often thought "I need to write a post" but didn't have time to do it.

So after PAX East I was then rushing to prepare for my next trip two weeks later to Philadelphia for the Non-Sports Trading Card Show where we were going to be featuring the Twin Galaxies Video Game Trading Cards.  Which meant the press release had to go out, had to start accepting orders for the posters we were going to have signed there and everything else.  Combined with work and other stuff going on, I haven't even had a chance (even today) to write the articles for PAX East up yet.

This makes me a sad panda.

However, to rectify this, I'll be posting more regularly this week and may even post links to my articles on EOGamer and elsewhere here as well.

In other good news, I picked up a set of Star Trek Voyager books a month ago and on my trip I read two of those and in the past week read the rest of them.  Good stuff, if you're into Star Trek and Sci-Fi books.  I also finished the first three Dulcie O'Neil books I had picked up at .99 in ebook format for my Nook.  So while I've been busy with other stuff I have been reading in my spare time as well.