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Preface: Why Turn the Page, Why Now?

Over the years I have read a large number of books and written reviews for them, all for other sites, other people, never for my own endeavors. This time, this blog is for book reviews, commentary on writing style and anything related to the world of writing that I want to share with others.

About Me

I’m a 31-year-old corporate journalist who enjoys the past times of gaming, reading, writing and jewelry making.  I’m a mother of one, a 12-year-old who shares an eerie addiction to gaming as well.  I enjoy reading and reviewing books as a fun past time and don't consider it a job, but rather a love for the written word.

Your name sounds familiar, why is that? 

Well, in addition to using Kayhynn as a moniker for forums, it has also been used for my characters in various games, including SWG, WoW and UO.  In the past, I was a staffer for Stratics, serving as the WoW News Manager, PotBS Managing Editor, PR Coordinator and various other positions.  I have also worked (or in many cases volunteered) for various other gaming sites through out the years.  Currently I serve as Community Manager and Managing Editor over at EOGamer.com for our news portals and Director of Events for Twin Galaxies International. I maintain a number of websites as well, including UOHomeDecor.com.

I am also one of the lead moderators for LFGComic forums. My nickname pops up in many locations.

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