Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's All About Averages...Right?

Below were the goals I posted at the beginning of the year. Now, it's quite obvious that I missed the whole month of March, despite my good intentions to write several things - I just didn't sit my happy ass down and actually write them - well at least not for this site.  I've been busy doing a lot of other things.

But I do want to look at the goals and show where I'm at on them.
Writing at least one blog post a week for Kayhynn Turns The Page (if I average more than that it will be awesome), my book review site
 Okay, while I missed all of March, I did do 6 posts each month before that, so technically I'm averaging a post a week, which is my goal, but I can do better and I will.
Writing at least one article a week for EOGamer's New Portal (not announced yet mwahahaha)
Due to some...technical...issues, I haven't started on this project yet.  Once things get more solidified, I'll be doing more on that project.
Writing at least one article a week for EOGamer period (Outside the new portal)
See technical issue refered to above.
Use MyFitnessPal to lose weight and count calories and all that fun stuff. Thanks Laura Chapman and Jennifer Siefring for recommending and reminding me about it respectively. 
I started this, then went off the diet, but I'm going to get back on it now that I've had a talk with my doctor.  I've just got to get better about meal planning and measuring etc.
Add guides and updates to UOHomeDecor weekly until everything from other sites that gave me permission to archive it has been done.
This I've actually done okay on - sorta.  I've had 10 weeks straight of Home Tours posted ahead of time and been working on guides here and there, so that's a bonus.

But some of the things not mentioned here are two of my other endeavors - Jewelry Making and working for Video Game Scoreboard.  I've spent a lot of time working on the website for that as well as making jewelry in my spare time.  Both of those projects are going exceedingly well and I hope to share stuff on both of those later this month.

I've also spent time reading - including some books I was gifted by Elyssa Patrick.  Check her out if you get a chance.  And of course, a trip to the local book store, A Novel Idea, brought back a plethora of new reading material.

My current plan is to sit down and get several blog posts written ahead of time so that they publish on their own and then I have less to worry about - other than promoting them.  Keep an eye here - more coming soon!