Saturday, April 7, 2012

Almost a month since last post

I realize, belatedly, that in the last few weeks I have horribly ignored my blog.  I do apologize, but I do have a good reason for it.  I finally managed to purchase all three books of The Hunger Games series and read them back to back, saw the movie, then had to read them all again.  I have to say I was surprised at how good the books are and how well they condensed the first book into the movie.  It was really well done.

Now I'm reading the Dulcie O'Neill novels (you can buy all three electronically for a total of .99 on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and between my flight Thursday night and now, I've read two books.

Now the flight i mentioned is the other reason I didn't post this week at all.  Been busting my behind at my day job because I was heading out to my other indulgence: video gaming and was at Penny Arcade Expo for the weekend (I'm writing this blog during my downtime at the hotel while a video uploads.  I fly back to Lincoln on Monday.

In addition to all this, I've been busy on a few projects which I may have to talk about here.  Later in the weeks, i"ll link to some of the stuff I write for this event as well.

So that's where I've been.  I promise, I'll write more soon.